Church Sofa A – Z Guide To Church. Burning The Heathens

Everyone now and then, Churches get upset about things. Sometimes this is about things like homelessness, and food poverty, other times it could be things like worship song choices, Mark Driscoll, or women not allowed to preach. The list that causes it is long, but every now and then, people both on and off Twitter, go into what we call “Burning The Heathens” mode.

If you are involved in a Heathen Burning, we recommend to remember the following check list:

  1. Pitchfork (Sharpened)
  2. Axes
  3. Burning torches
  4. Bible Teaching from someone you agree with.
  5. Lack of patience.
  6. Lack of willingness to discuss.
  7. Don’t ask why
  8. Find fuel for the fire.
  9. Don’t check if this happening elsewhere.
  10. Acceptance.

The Church Sofa website does not support the idea of actually burning people. Thats not nice, and you would deserve the full force of the law on you if you were to do sometime like that – you nasty person!

This post may have been ripped off a previous post, but I think it kinda works here as well.

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