Pressgram: Is A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words?

Well I dont often blog about phone apps on here, but here’s something I particularly wanted to shout about. A while back, the Instagram photo sharing app changed their Terms and Conditions, and all of a sudden people didn’t own their photos anymore. This has since been changed, but do you upload images to Facebook? Yeah apparently they own the rights to any photos you upload as well. Want to keep your own images? Try Pressgram.

John Saddington wanted to be able to upload his images to his wordpress site, with the usability and filters from something like Instagram, so he decided to do something about it. A successful kickstarter campaign has led to Pressgram being developed, submitted to the App store, and it has now been released.

I guess if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you get to keep all thousand when you upload via Pressgram.

Heres a demo of Pressgram in action:

Pressgram is available from the iTunes store.

See Pressgram website for more information.

I’ll be using Pressgram to update this place every now and then on the .PhotoBlog page… hope you enjoy…

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