Ten Ways to Misbehave at a Christian Festival

Still due to go to a Christian Festival this year? Maybe Momentum? Greenbelt? I doubt you will get bored, but you might. If you do, maybe you’ll find some inspiration here for the best way to misbehave at a Christian Festival *:

  1. Play basketball in inappropriate places. Like the Market Place.
  2. Bring old wine to New Wine.
  3. Run round Soul Survivor in late 90s clothing. Ask people when The World Wide Message Tribe are playing.
  4. Hang an out of order sign on a shower cubicle. Watch peoples faces as you walk past the shower queue into your waiting shower the next morning.
  5. Going to New Day? Ask which day of the festival is THE new day.
  6. Go to Soul Survivor dressed up ready for a game of paint ball. Spend the week going up to people asking if they fancy a game of “Sole Survivor”
  7. Camp site + acoustic guitar – tune + late at night = you.
  8. Going to Greenbelt? Dress up as a ninja… Spend the whole time asking people if they are THE Greenbelt. If they say yes, call them master and do anything they say.
  9. Pick up a cheap alarm clock. Set it to go really early. Leave it outside the guitar players tent.
  10. Get a crowd organised, and have an early morning worship gathering among the other tents. Have a few people cooking up some bacon ready to offer a bacon sarnie to any one the comes out their tent looking annoyed. Count the amount of people that stay annoyed at the wake up call, verses the amount of people who act blessed by the bacon. If there are more “blessed people”… try it again the next morning.

Please let us know if you try any of these!

Any more you’d suggest?

*Obviously any of this may really annoy people. Be careful of your audience. Play nice. We accept no responsibility if you get hit!


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  1. You missed one: At Spring Harvest go to the “Fresh Expressions” workshop and guffaw whenever Alpha is mentioned. Not that I have done this you understand – well mayeb just a bit.

  2. Turn up to the social media tent in a morning suit with a carnation in the button hole. Then explain that someone that someone told you to come here for a free wifey.

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