“Mark” of the Beast in the NIV Bible

According to this guys Youtube page:

The Book of Mark in the King James Bible has 678 verses.

The Book of “Mark” in the NIV (New International Version) has 666 verses!

The NIV’s book of “Mark” contains the “mark” of the Beast 666! This proves who is behind these modern, phoney, satanic perversions of the Bible.

I hope this guy never comes across “The Bloke’s Bible“, or even the The Brick Bible.

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  1. Doesn’t the NIV (and other mark of the beastly modern translations) leave out other verses in the Gospel of Mark? Actually omit them rather than just questioning them in a footnote? Mark 7:16, 9:44&46, 11:26 & 15:28. That comes to, (Oh Lord have I actually done this?) 678, or if you leave out Mark 16 9-20, 661.
    Ah well Paul does tell us to 1Cor 14:12 Excel in building up the church.

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