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(This post originally appeared on The Big Bible website)
The book of Joshua starts on a bit of a downer. Quite simply, the greatest prophet, that God knew face to face, Moses, is dead. With this in mind its no surprise that the book of Joshua doesn’t start with a huge noteworthy basis for Sunday School lessons, but with a chat between God and Joshua. Joshua then talks to his officers, and the rest of the people.
While the third chapter of Joshua has some amazing stuff featuring a river being stopped, Joshuas’ first actions in the second chapter are covert with spies being sent out:

“Go, view the land, especially Jericho.”

While I guess it didn’t go entirely as expected, Joshua’s first actions are simply to watch and learn about the land in front of him. I was once told (probably during a Sunday morning youth club), that how Christians live, mean more to non Christians then most if not all sermons. I imagine that the quote “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” was probably mentioned.
With what feels like half the world on Facebook, #Digidisciple(s) have the opportunity to be a positive Christ like influence to more then just their immediate circles of influence at home or work. We’re given the chance to let our lives be viewed online. If people are viewing us as an example of what Christianity is like, what would they see?
The thing is, if we share the times when we want to rant or scream, we’re accused of being negative. If we share just the good times, we’re accused of not being transparent, or not truthfully sharing our lives.
So if we let people view our online lives, how much do we let them see?
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  1. Is it awfully twee to suggest we take a lead from Psalms? Good heartfelt rants at life, real vulnerability, but a genuine conviction that, however bad we feel it is, we know it all holds together in one amazing God? I know, I know…easier said than done! I can dream though, right?

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