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So… The Big Bible journey through the Bible reaches the book of Judges, and I have to admit, I have a love / hate relationship with this book.

923163_merry-go-round_-_carrousselOn one hand. It’s an easy book to read, the short chunks of text looking at the various judges during this chapter of history, makes this book perfect for people who (like me), struggle to sit down and read anything longer then a Tweet.

My problems with this book are summed by the following verses.

Whenever the Lord raised up a judge for them, he was with the judge and saved them out of the hands of their enemies as long as the judge lived; for the Lord relented because of their groaning under those who oppressed and afflicted them. But when the judge died, the people returned to ways even more corrupt than those of their ancestors, following other gods and serving and worshiping them. They refused to give up their evil practices and stubborn ways. (Judges 2:18, 19 NIV)

Basically. Israelites get into trouble. A judge stands up to lead the Israelite people. Judge dies. Israelites get into trouble.
And repeat.

On and on, the story of the Israelites seems to go around in circles. Did any of the Israelites stop and just wonder what was going on? As soon as they got things right, they seemed to get distracted by the world around them.

Distractions are easy to come by today, according to the Social Media Revolution 2013 video:

  • Two new members are signing up for Linkedin every second.
  • Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • If wikipedia was a book it would be 2.25 million pages long.
  • If Facebook was a country it would be the third biggest in the world. (With large numbers accessing it via mobile phones)

And they’re just the distractions online. What about the distractions we dont have at the computer?

Its a busy world we live in. We’re taking in more information, and have more information easily accessible at any other time. Do we stop enough to take in the view around us?

How do we make sure we, stop and appreciate how much our children have grown? Ask if we’re working the best way? Appreciate our loved ones? Ask why we do church the way we do? Do we stop to take in view of the world around us?

Are we busy just carrying on regardless, like the Israelites during the time of Judges?

A version of this post first appeared on the BigBible website.

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