Reading The World Online Without Google Reader

Just in case you’re using Google Reader, and have not seen the news… Today is the last day you can use Google Reader before its officially retired. If you’re using Google Reader, there are other alternatives to help you read the world online.

Feedly seems to be a popular option. It’s an RSS Reader, like Googles old offering, but I personally find Feedly looks and acts far nicer. The addons for chrome and Firefox as well as the iPhone app are worth checking out as well. (If you need it, here’s our RSS feed)
One of Googles reasonings for killing Google Reader was that there are other options then RSS readers that people use to keep up with online information.
They were right.
If you decide you want to keep track of what happens on The Church Sofa (if you do then we love you!!!  🙂 ) you do have a few options (as well as the above):
  • We’re kicking around on Twitter
  • You could like us on Facebook?
  • We have an email list, ran by WordPress, you get an email with links to any new Church Sofa posts – find it in the side bar!
  • We’re also on Tumblr as well.
Whilst we’re talking about blogs, blog readers, twitter etc, there are a few blogs I would like to suggest to you.
Southern Dad (Self promotion Alert!)
Are there any other ways of reading online we should have included?
Are there any blogs you think we should add to that list?


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