It seems the Church of England is indeed, A Pagan Church.

Observers of the good old C of E have wondered for a while, but finally the Church of England have stopped hiding from the truth. The historic state church of England is publicly admitting to being pagan.

Who do the Church of England doubters have to thank for this confirmation?

The Telegraph broke the news with the headline: Church of England creating ‘pagan church’ to recruit members. The headline itself giving all the information that anyone needs to know about anything. Obviously no one needs to read anymore then the headline itself?

Church of England insiders have been heard to comment that the change has been coming since the Bible was translated into English, with the final nails in the coffin being marked with the labels; “Youth Service”, “Biker Church”, and “Church in Pub”.

Surely this plan for openly pagan churches is just the start. Give it time, soon it’ll be confirmed that the new Bishop of Exeter will double up as a druid leader.
You’ve heard it here first.

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