Church Sofa A – Z Guide To Church – Asking Apostles About Apples.

Carrying on the A – Z guide to Church series with some more “A” related words:


According to that trustworthy website Wikipedia:

The word “apostle” comes from the Greekword apóstólos. By breaking it down into its constituents it gives us a literal translation of “from the fleet”. By deriving apó meaning from and stólos meaning fleet. The more general meaning of the word as one who is sent on a mission is translated into Latin as missio, and from this word we get missionary.

So. Why aren’t Christians just known as apostles?


A large multinational corporation, that sells devices and gadgets that are both very pricey and very usable. Possibly struggling a little since the death of Steve Jobs, but an iPhone launch is still a massive massive deal. With the huge number of apps available its only a matter of time until you can press play, put the phone down at the front of the church, and the iPhone will lead and preach during the service. All done with the voice of the phones own “personal assistant”, Siri.

While people are generally accused of worshiping the iPhone, it can also be used in worship. As can be seen:

Interestingly, according to Sunday school, Eve having an apple was a bad bad thing. We can only conclude that Sunday School teachers either own Blackberry phones, or (if indeed it was an Apple – to – eat) they dont educate people to make healthy eating choices.


When in Church, ask questions about things you want to know more about. Someone else might be wondering the same thing and be to shy to ask.

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