10 Tips to Survive A Meeting

Its a new week. Its getting towards the end of the month. You may have a meeting coming up at church. Yes. Another meeting.

The Church Sofa team have sat through some Church related meetings… and other random meetings as well. Here’s someways to help survive yet another meeting:

  1. Subtly text someone else who is also looking bored in the same meeting.
  2. When offered a drink, ask for water. Slowly replace it with Gin when no one is looking.
  3. just pull your phone out look at the screen and calmly exclaim “oh good God” and rush out. not too dramatically though. later when asked why you left, look slightly embarrassed say sorry “I cant really talk about it. you know how these can be”. confused they will just agree with you. and you are all free!
  4. Try some gentle rocking. That will probably get you excused.
  5. Dont get angry. Getting angry will only lead to the meeting being even longer then it needs to be.
  6. Someone not there? I’m sure they’ll love to do “that” job.
  7. Plot how hard you have to fall out your chair to be excused from the meeting, but not need a hospital trip.
  8. Wear one of those glasses which has open eyes on the front. While you enjoy being asleep.
  9. Get hold of some Google Glasses, that way even though you are at the meeting, you can be doing something more useful. Like… watching Doctor Who… or something…
  10. Play a game of “word bingo” with a friend. Obviously feel free to cheat, but when your list of words have been spoken during the meeting you do have to shout out “BINGO!”

Any more tips to share?

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  1. Opposite of word bingo: Choose a selection of ludicrous words and have a competition with a friend as to who can get most of them into the debate without arousing suspicion. Extra points for words that sound like they ought to exist, but don’t.

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