Do All The Best Things Begin With B?

It started with a conversation (like these things do), on the way back from Church one day. The conversation was about breakfast, bacon, and we moved onto talk about biscuits, and (as you do) beer. Comments were passed, and we wondered if the best things really do begin with B?

Life moved on, and a while later I found myself caught up in a conversation about new people at Church, and I was wondered about The Church Sofa Guide To Church… and how thats not been updated for a while… decided to do an A – Z guide of Church and also… for some reason I remembered the above conversation, and for some reason wondered.

Do all the best things in Church begin with B?

Seizing inspiration, I’ve started drawing up an A – Z to Church but I’m having an issue with inspiration with the end of the alphabet.

Is there anything Church related (that begins) around the end of the alphabet that you would like to see us try and explain / be sarcastic about / ponder about / discuss / acknowledge but ignore / seriously discuss about?

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