#Digidisciple 21 Numbers inspired by Numbers.

Well the theme for Aprils #Digidisciple posts is the book of Numbers. After a few days pondering for inspiration for a post I decided to blog about numbers, inspired by Numbers. Therefore in the spirit of past Church Sofa lists, here are 21 numbers inspired by Numbers:

  1. Numbers features one big census.
  2. Numbers actually follows the second book of the Bible. The narration of Exodus continues in Numbers, after the break taken in Leviticus.
  3. If Leviticus (book 3) is about how Gods people are to be different to people around then them, then is Numbers a reminder that God cares about detail?
  4. Numbers is split into 4 sections. The first covers legal issues and regulations. It also includes the story of how the Tabernacle was consecrated after it had been set up. The second looks at a number of uprisings, deaths, and the change of Israelite leadership. The third is known as the book of Book of Balaam, while the last section deals with the settlement in Canaan. [1]
  5. Five shekels were collected for each of the firstborn Israelites who exceed the number of Levites. (Numbers 3)
  6. Numbers Chapter 6 looks at whats involved if the Israelites were to consecrate themselves fully to God for a period of time.
  7. Balaam (a prophet in Numbers) made seven prophecies.[2]
  8. Almost half of the 8.7 million adults who have never been online live in social housing, yet the government are moving more and more services online over the next couple of years. Could churches have a role to play in supplying space, and internet connections? [3]
  9. Chapter 9 of Numbers talks about Passover, linking all this with Jesus at the last supper, and what we do now in communion.
  10. 10 times 4 is 40. 40 years is a long time. Its a really long time to get from Egypt to Israel. The book of Numbers explains why it took longer then a journey on the M25.
  11. Three feet of quail was blown into the Israelite camp. (Numbers 11)
  12. There are 12 tribes of Israel. You can learn them by singing a song.
  13. Its not unlucky to listen to the one man talking sense (Numbers 13)
  14. The faith of just two people can inspire a nation. (Numbers 14)
  15. There are 15 verses talking about the borders of Canaan in Numbers chapter 34.
  16. According to the 2011, 16% are 65 or over (an increase of 0.9 million). [5]
  17. 17 plus ten is 27. Did you know that according to the 2011 census, there were 27.6m men and 28.5m women in England and Wales? [4]
  18. 18 times 2 is 36. There are 36 chapters in the Book of Numbers.
  19. According to the 2011 census, 6,242 people said heavy metal was their religion [6]
  20. Full compensation plus 20% must be paid to whoever has been wronged when a sin is committed (Numbers 5)
  21. 21 times 2 is 42 – which according to Douglas Adams is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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Any other notable numbers that inspire you from Numbers?

Post originally appeared on the Big Bible website

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