Church Sofa A – Z Guide To Church – Agape

Picking up the collection of “A” words…

Agape: A fancy word for a type of Love, which you may have only heard about if you’ve sat through one of those talks on Love. Whilst checking my spelling for this, I was also reminded that Agape is also the name of a charity that is, “dedicated to addressing the spiritual needs of the UK by helping people to see, hear, understand and be forever changed by the person and claims of Jesus.

Check out for further information of the agape organisation.

Alpha: A happiness course ran by Churches around the world, with the aim of increasing the size of peoples smiles.

Amen: Normally a signal of agreement to a request just uttered. Can also be heard shouted out across a congregation during a particularly exciting sermon.

Angel: I cant help but think that the whole subject of Angels is a bit of a weird one for the church. I guess PR wise, I cant help but wonder if we’re not really sure how to sell Angels. Are angels really just a heavenly choir, that worship leaders tweet about? Are they cute girlies in the Christmas play? Are they guys with a gentle Irish accent? What if Angels went to an Alpha course? Are they big beasties of light with multiple faces, and massive wings?

Some people would say, that they just turn up randomly to help out in times of need, just to disappear later.

Or are angels real people, like the marathon runners that finished the race in Boston, just to run to give blood at the hospital?

The firemen that were caught up with the explosion in Texes

I cant help but think that my angel was the Scottish registrar who took the time to reassure me that our daughter was doing well, two hours after she was transferred to Neonatal.

Whatever they are, I hope they do more then sing.



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