An Introduction to Micah #Bible365


So this week, the #Bible365 journey gets to that well known book of Micah.

Never read it before? Its ok. I dont think I have either.

Thankfully Soul Survivor have come to the rescue with quite a nice introduction to it:

Anyone remember as a child being told by their parent “There’ll be tears before bedtime, if you don’t stop teasing your sister (or brother, or dog. . .you get the gist!)!” And looking up momentarily but taking no notice you carry on . . .and what happens? Someone ends up in tears – how do parents know? Then you get the well known phrase “Well I did warn you” Or is this just a familiar scenario from my childhood?

Well… Micah, a minor prophet, who has a much more serious warning from God for the people of Israel and Judah, and their capital cities, Jerusalem and Samaria. Most of the first 3 chapters of Micah describe the kinds of things that were going on: the people were living self-centred lives, motivated by greed and pride. It says they spent nights plotting against the helpless and their days taking advantage of the weak (Micah2:1-2). Spiritually they were hypocrites and used religion for their own agendas. They lied to make themselves look good, then lied some more to cover up their dishonesty and corruption. Micah 3 gives particular mention to the leaders and prophets because they were abusing their positions and were responsible for leading others astray too. They were all living their way, not God’s way, not unlike today’s world when you think about it.

What really struck me about this passage from Micah was how God’s response is described (1:3-5). God comes to see to this mess in person, he may be sending Micah ahead to give his warning but God means business and He’s going to deal with this personally. . .and that for me was like a light bulb moment. For God, Israel and Judah’s sin was personal, God could not tolerate the mess they were making of their lives, the rebellion, the lies, he had to deal with it, there were consequences to those sins. And yet because he is also a loving, merciful God, we can see in Micah 2:12-13 and Micah 4 hope for the faithful, and a promise of peace and salvation.

Read the rest over at The Soul Survivor Blog

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