10 ways to survive a morning service, when you just can’t stop sneezing.


Well. Its that time of year, when a slight snuffly nose can easily turn into a full fledged cold.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes that full fledged cold can really wind you up, and just make you sneeze, and sneeze and sneeze. So, what happens if you find yourself in Church, and you get caught in one of these sneeze cycles?

Check out our list of 10 ways to survive a morning service, when you just can’t stop sneezing:

  1. Plan your escape route
  2. Be like Moses and take 2 tablets – With thanks to @98rosjon
  3. During the Peace hold your hand out, say “peace and saliva be with you” -With thanks to  @grahamrpointer
  4. If you share a cup during communion, drink from the cup while you hold it at a great height above you. This way lowers the chances of germs being passed  onto other people – but also increases the chances of wine going all over your face.
  5. Remember your emergency tissue boxes.
  6. Find a reason to go out at the same time as the kids go out… stay out and listen to the service via the speakers in the welcome area… while you sneeze in safety.
  7. 2 words. Night Nurse.
  8. Wear a scarf. Wear it high. Over your nose. Sneeze during the louder songs… No one needs to know…
  9. Shove two pieces of rolled up tissue up each nostril, and see if that helps. If not… well just get ready to aim…
  10. Stay home. Wrap up warm. Drink Orange Juice. Open your bible. Pray.

Any more to add?

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