Interesting Possible Church T-Shirt Slogans

A while ago the Church Sofa lads had found themselves in the pub, one thing had led to the other, and one of us commented about a T Shirt slogan that no one should ever walk into a Church service with written on their chests.
This made us stop.

And wonder.

What else should you avoid wearing on your T Shirt during a Sunday morning. Service?

  1. “I’d take bread and wine, if there was a church I could receive in”
  2. AntiChrist? (With an arrow pointed to your left hand side)
  3. “I Am The Church Mouse.”
  4. “Hello?”
  5. Down with “Shine Jesus Shine” (or another song your church sings, a lot)
  6. “How disgusting can a T Shirt make me?” 
  7. I Am. The Law.
  8. No slogan… But a rainbow patterned t shirt….
  9. My Other Body is a Temple.
  10. Gay married women bishops are ok with me.

Have you ever got in trouble in church because of something you were wearing?

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  1. Trouble for wearing the wrong clothes? I knew a pastor at a free evangelical church who got into trouble for wearing a suit to church. (He was making a point: you’re not as free as you think you are)

  2. Another, better, trouble-for-wearing to church:
    A student friend was in the habit of going home for the weekend then getting back to his digs in time to put on posh togs for church. One time he was late, and so went straight to Evensong from the station, looking scruffy. He felt terrible, because of the way people looked at him: letting the tone down. His response: in the future no-one else should have the dreadful feeling of being the only badly dressed man in the church. From that point on, he always went to church in a holey jumper instead of a holy jacket and tie.

  3. What about other types of fail trouble? A great friend of mine did a sermon on the potential evils of money, and illustrated it by playing the Pink Floyd track Money from Dark Side of the Moon. Those of us who knew the song well just sat there in horror as he completely failed to lift the needle (or press pause, I forget which decade this was) before the offending line. The offending line did in fact offend, I gather. Check out the lyrics, if you don’t know the song, and picture yourself in a moderately stuffy Baptist church.

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