A Long Time Ago, In A Lego Galaxy Far… Far… Away

A long time ago. In a Lego galaxy far far away. Two warring groups declared a cease fire, came together, and put on an Easter play.

Well. That was the concept anyway.

And it was’t that long ago, only two years.

As part of EasterLive, the Church Sofa Team used Lego to create a number of a number of scenes from the Easter story, while asking “What would happen if the Star Wars Rebel Alliance, and the Empire decided to put aside their differences for one moment, and put on an Easter play? How would that go?”

Well, as a few people have come across The Sofa recently looking for star wars / Lego / Church / Easter type things recently, I’ve figured I should remind everyone of the special Lego Easter page hidden within the “youth club ideas” pages.

Hope you enjoy.

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