Things To Think About During A Church Service

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What worries you during a Church service?

A few days ago, the Church Sofa lads were chatting about the possible things that may worry people about a Sunday church service. Whilst we were wondering if people were concerned if they would sit on a pew, or a chair, we decided to ask a random sample of people what worried them about a Sunday morning church service.

The list of results, were found to be intriguing and shocking:

  1. Do I really have to be nice to my neighbor?
  2. Strength of tea
  3. Sermon Length.
  4. After the service, do I go to the super market around the corner, or the one down the road?
  5. Going to sleep during the first chorus.
  6. The Church Warden.
  7. Getting back ache from the pew.
  8. Strength of communion wine.
  9. Have I turned my phone on silent?
  10. Does my neighbor have a bigger and better gun on him then I do?

Guns in Churches? Good or bad idea?

Read More about point 10 at The Christian Post.

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  1. I usually think “What am I going to have for lunch?” at some point, since our church service starts at 11 am and gets out around noon.

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