Lessons in Evangelism: Dont Slag People Off

Our next lesson in Evangelism is simple.

Dont wind people up, like this chap was accused of doing…

Preacher cleared over harassment
Philip Howard

Mr Howard is a well-known figure on Oxford Street

A street preacher accused of harassing a passer-by by shouting “You are going to burn in hell” has been cleared.Philip Howard, 51, denied shouting abuse through a megaphone on Oxford Street, London, last September .

Magistrates heard he launched a “diatribe of abuse” at Stanislaw Was. They said he “probably” made the remarks but could not be certain.

Outside court, Mr Howard said: “This proves once and for all that Satan won’t win.”

‘Saggy’ sinner

Horseferry Road magistrates were told the trouble started when Mr Was asked Mr Howard to turn his loud speaker volume down.

The court heard Mr Howard then leaned towards Mr Was and shouted: “Your hair’s going grey, your skin’s sagging and that’s because you’re a sinner. You are going to burn in hell.”

BBC News

Do you know any street preachers that dont annoy people?

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