Blogging… In The Beginning… tips on starting a blog from Twitter

One of the characters on my twitter feed commented a few days ago:

Tempted to start writing a random blog but dunno where to start?

There were a few tweets between her and myself, but his conversation inspired me to ask Twitter, what advice would you give someone thinking about setting up a blog for the first time? Here is the collection of very kind responses I had back:

hello from

  1. Be yourself & write about what you know or what interests you. #blogging – @redjules
  2. Don’t try too hard. Be yourself. Be prepared that nobody will care. Be comfortable with that. Have fun. – @crimperman
  3. Decide how often you plan to blog, and be realistic about whether that’s plausible. – @MikeCamel
  4. Link to lots of other blogs to build community. But think “community”, not “visitor count” #Blogging – @Gerrarrdus
  5. Just don’t! Seriously, take a look at the tab on my blog – all there somewhere – @FrDavidCloake
  6. Depends why they want to blog. But just do it :)@Clairemaxim1
  7. I would say its worth considering doing it as a ‘collective’ or at least guest blogs and use wordpress –@mattcurrey
  8. Try @WordPress Even I, a non-techie can manage it. Their support have always been really helpful too. Otherwise just enjoy. @ShirleyAnstey
  9. Find your own approach. Don’t preach at me. Stay away from party/denominational politics – @notvicarbot
  10. Create something you are proud of. – @thechurchmouse

A number of great tips and comments to help inspire there, but how do you actually get started?

Well to keep it simple you have a choice of two main blogging websites. Blogger is ran by Google, and some would suggest its one of the easier sites to use, to find out more about Blogger I would suggest checking out this handy page over at The Vernacular Vicar. Or if you prefer something with a bit more adaptability then I’d suggest you check out this article written by Bex on Setting Up WordPress.

There are other blogging websites out there, would you recommend anything that isn’t WordPress or Blogger?
Do you disagree with any of the above?
Would you add any advice to what’s listed above?

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