Top 10 Posts of Last Year

Well its January, and the internet is filled with posts entitled similar to “Top 10 Posts of Last Year”. Who are we not to follow the crowd? So here’s our most read posts of the last year:

  1. Half Serious Guide To Church: Raising Hands In Worship
  2. Facebook Christmas Cover Photos
  3. Introducing… GodBaby
  4. An Open Letter…
  5. Have you found Jesus?
  6. Church Notice Board of The Week – Preacher Hell
  7. Do you speak Christian?
  8. 7 Excuses for Not Going To Church.
  9. Welcome to Fight Church.
  10. What if The Daleks Went to Westboro Baptist?

Considering it was an advert for Christmas, the Godbaby post still seems popular. Maybe people are still trying to get over how spooky that doll is?

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