#Bible365 – The Biblical Chickflick

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I have to admit, whilst reading through the Bible, what I’ve pictured at points has been strongly influence by Hollywood movies. For example, when reading Exodus, I couldn’t help but imagine big old school biblical epics, reading Joseph, the cartoon movie, and I guess I pictured some grand political thriller when reading the gospels.

When I approached the book of Ruth, I pictured some sappy biblical romance movie.

Then the first few words hit me.

In the days when the judges ruled…

Yes this is possibly the first easy to read book in the Old Testament. Yes with a death at the start, with a marriage at the end, it does have the basis of a typical romantic comedy, but lets remember the context. Its in the days when the judges ruled.

A quick read of the book of Judges showed this to be a time of violence, murder, and lion honey. They were days that everyone did as they saw fit. It all seems to be fairly dark confusing stuff, yet during this confused time you have this ordinary little romantic comedy story giving a little ray of light.

In the search for something to brighten our days, do we also forget the light the ordinary can bring?

Judges 21

Ruth 1



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