10 Ways to Share The Peace

Well, last time we discussed “The Peace” we said:

“…This is the part of the service where the vicar would say something like “The peace of Christ be with you”, the congregation would respond with “and also with you”, before being invited to share the peace with each other.

Depending on the church depends on how crazy the following few minutes are, as the congregation starts shaking hands, hugging, or Christian kissing people around them. If you’re new and a little shy this will be the point you’ll find out how keen your new church is to seek you out and give you lots and lots of attention!”

So how can we as people doing this Peace thing react during this time? Well we’ve put together 10 ways for you to share the peace next Sunday:

  1. Shake hands with people.
  2. Hug your neighbour.
  3. Kiss on the cheek.
  4. European style kiss on the cheek.
  5. Big smacker kiss on the lips.
  6. Dance around the hall.
  7. Run around shaking hands with as many people as you can in 60 seconds (post the results below if you wish!)
  8. Introduce yourself to someone new, while pretending to be from a different country.
  9. Say hello to the person leading the service. Ask if they get lonely standing up there by themselves.
  10. Encourage everyone on your side of the hall to swap places with everyone on the other side of the hall.

Any other ideas?

Will you take a stand against youth homelessness?

church Sofa

We’ve been given some details of this years Exeter YMCA Sleepeasy event happening in the Guildhall
Shopping Centre:

Whats Sleepeasy?

Sleep Easy is a national event that YMCA’s up and down the country will be participating in. Last
year over £200,000 was raised by over 1,500 brave participants. The Exeter event, now in its third
year, calls on members of the community to spend ‘one night sleeping rough, so others don’t have to’
and this year Exeter YMCA is hoping to attract its largest number of participants yet.

Whats happening?

Exeter YMCA is calling for people to take a stand against youth homelessness by joining up to
500 others for the biggest ever sponsored sleep out event in the charity’s 20 year history. Since its
opening in September 1993, Exeter YMCA has accommodated and supported over 500 homeless
young people. On average a young person stays at the YMCA for a year, giving them time,
with the right support, to overcome the issues that led to their homelessness and build positive

Exeter YMCA’s event organiser, Tom Wyatt, says: “It would be wonderful to have 500 members
of the public sleep out with us and also quite symbolic – as it would represent really closely the
number of homeless people we have housed since we opened 20 years ago.”

Who is involved?

Exeter YMCA’s Community Relations Manager, Sophie Hodge, says:

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary we would love to make our Sleep Easy event the biggest
ever! We are confident that with the support of the Exeter community we can make it happen.

The campaign has already attracted the attention of Exeter’s business community with support
from thebestof Exeter, a local networking forum and Gilbert Stephens LLP Solicitors, who have
also selected Exeter YMCA as one of their nominated charities in 2013.

Philip Luckham, CEO for the Devon-based law firm, comments: “We are really pleased to be
supporting such a great campaign and look forward to helping drum up as many participants as
possible from our extensive network of professional contacts. We already have some interest from
staff members and we hope the event will help bring the issue of homelessness in the region to the
forefront of people’s minds.”


The event will not only raise awareness of youth homelessness in Devon but will also help raise
vital sponsorship to continue Exeter YMCA’s work providing 15,000 nights of accommodation and
support a year to homeless young people in Devon.

Dave Barr from thebestof Exeter says:

I will be sleeping out with the YMCA because I want to make a difference in the lives of young
people who have had the worst possible start in life. I’m hoping that many small local businesses
will join me.

Any other details?

The event will start at 8pm on Saturday 16th March and finish at 7am the next day. Teas and coffees will be available
throughout the night to keep people warm.

For more information or to register online, visit www.sleepeasyexeter.org.uk. Alternatively call
event organiser Tom on 01392 410530, email events@exeterymca.org.uk, or text “sleep” to 07535
463178 and Tom will call you back.

Bible in One Year – Week 22 #Bible365

Here are this weeks readings:

Day 148, 26th January: 1 Samuel, John and Proverbs

1 Samuel 21:1-23:29
John 18:1-24
Proverbs 13:10-19

Day 149, 27th January: 1 Samuel, John and Psalms

1 Samuel 24:1-25:44
John 18:25-40
Psalm 68:15-20

Day 150, 28th January: 1 Samuel, John and Psalms

1 Samuel 26:1-28:25
John 19:1-27
Psalm 68:21-27

Day 151, 29th January: 1 Samuel, John and Psalms

1 Samuel 29:1-31:13
John 19:28-20:9
Psalm 68:28-35

Day 152, 30th January: 2 Samuel, John and Proverbs

2 Samuel 1:1-2:7
John 20:10-31
Proverbs 13:20-14:4

Day 153, 31st January: 2 Samuel, John and Psalms

2 Samuel 2:8-3:21
John 21:1-25
Psalm 69:1-12

Day 154, 1st February: 2 Samuel, Acts and Psalms

2 Samuel 3:22-5:5
Acts 1:1-22
Psalms 69:13-28