Christmas Sermon Ideas?

Long term friend of The Church Sofa, Richard Littledale has released a list of Christmas Sermon ideas that he has had over the years. The full list is available over at . Would you be interested in seeing more ideas?

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  • Far flung sprouts

    As promised, I shall be posting occasional ideas on here which might be of some use as we prepare for Christmas. Feel free to use, recycle, reject or accept at will! For this first one you need to do a little research into the ingredients of a typical Christmas lunch and how far they have travelled.
  • Caught short

    In many traditional Spanish nativity scenes there is an extra character whom you would never see in other countries. He is known as ‘el caganer’, and is available in all sorts of guises. As you can see below, he is not the politest visitor to the manger scene!

  • Batteries not included

    As well as being the title of an old Disney film, this is also the shorthand description of many a child’s disappointment on Christmas morning. Out of the box comes the exciting toy with flashing lights and a range of sound effects – but it is silent on account of having no batteries.

  • Cracking!


    Some years ago I attended a day on preaching Christmas with J John, which is where I first heard this idea.

  • The night of the radishes

    In Oaxaca in Mexico the knives will be out right now in time for the annual Night of the Radishes on December 23rd . Ever since Dominican Friars introduced vegetable growing to the region five centuries ago, local producers have shown amazing skill in carving these vegetables into elaborate scenes from local folklore and the nativity story, as pictured below.

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