Top Ten Unpopular Online Opinions

Isn’t the internet great?

Because of the internet we have the opportunity to connect, and discuss various topics with various people around the world, via blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. Normally things seem to tick by without too much hassle, but then, every now and then. Someone comes out and shares an opinion on something that seems to attract all manner of disgruntled characters performing the internet equivalent of screaming in that persons face. This sadly also applies to Christians online, getting upset about other opinions that other Christians have about “Christian” things.

Over the last two months the Church Sofa lads have kept their ear to the ground, and have compiled the following list of possibly the most wrong opinions out there:

  1. Harry Potter is *** **** ******.
  2. Abortion ** *** * ***** *** ***** *****.
  3. The *** is ** ****** of women.
  4. * am so ******** that ***** *** **.
  5. I am not comfortable with *** *********** but I think ***** ********** ** ** really.
  6. *** **** is a great *******.
  7. The General Synod did the ***** thing when they voted on women bishops.
  8. ***** ***** *** * ***** of time.
  9. The last ********* was *** * **********.
  10. Twilight is *** * ******* to ****.
Due to the risk of starting an all out internet war, we’ve decided to regulate ourselves a little bit and censor the above list.
The thing is, what do we do when we see an opinion online that we disagree with. Do we leave? Do we discuss / debate it? Or do we attack the person behind the comments, either directly or from the “tone” of what we’re saying?
How do we handle it when people have vastly different views to our own?
Do you have any tips for dealing with people angry at you online?
This post originally appeared on The Big Bible Website.
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