Things NOT to think about when being prayed for.

So you’re there.

You’re either at church, homegroup, or some other christian gathering, and you’re being prayed for. You may be surrounded by a group of people, or you may be in a corner of a room, either way you are the focus of the spiritual attention. Whatever you do. Dont think about the following when you’re being prayed for:

  1. How attractive that woman / man praying for you might me.
  2. What’s for dinner.
  3. Why is that persons hand so warm and clammy?
  4. Why does that person push down on your shoulder so hard?
  5. Is that person really trying to tickle you?
  6. Who’s that smell?
  7. “What on earth did they mean by that?”
  8. Mentally correct their grammar in your head.
  9. Whats the most prayerful way to be standing? Are you in the most holy position?
  10. What ever happens. What ever you do. Do not think about the giggle loop…



Any we’ve missed?

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  1. @ClaireAshurst

    @Ruth_Roberts I thought you might like this – it made me giggle!

  2. Stephen Biggs

    Someone recently had prayer and was anointed with oil in our front room – Q thoughts, “I hope that doesn’t go on the carpet”.

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