How to liven up a Housegroup.

Welcome to October.

We’re now well into Autumn, and many churches have started their program for the new term. Many housegroups have started back, and there maybe some changes, you may be going to a new housegroup… which might be great… but sometimes… it might need to be livened up.

Here’s some thing for you. Here is the Church Sofa list of ten ways to liven up your housegroup:

  1. Discuss the idea of wives submitting to husbands. With a male : female ratio of 2:7.
  2. For a guy to quote Mark Driscoll in the above conversation.
  3. Bring an active baby, with a healthy set of lungs.
  4. Everyone go to housegroup in a dog collar.
  5. Does your housegroup have a couple of sci-fi fans? Go along in a Dalek costume.
  6. Bring along an argumentative atheist who likes arguing, hate Christians, and hates being around other people…
  7. Make a bet with yourself, and see if you can guess how many times “that person”, turns a topic back to themselves, and their own stories. (feel free to provide prompts for that person)
  8. During the prayer time, try playing catch with someone sat on the other side of the room.
  9. Are you a football fan? Is your housegroup leader a football fan? Both missing that match? Come up with a secret system of telling him the football scores mid meeting. (This well depend on you flipping between the sport app, and the Bible on your phone).
  10. Dramatic reconstruction of bible readings… Be careful it doesn’t include anything like circumcision…

Any that we’ve missed?

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