Hope. Losing it, and Finding it again.

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Peter Stephenson from Exeter YMCA, has had a look at the power of finding hope:

Mari-Carmen appeared one night and ate some food with us whilst we chatted. Despite the filthy state of her clothes and face, and her unkempt and unwashed hair, it was clear she had once been a beautiful young woman before heroin had taken over her life. I remember Mari-Carmen so well because of a conversation we had one night that haunted me for weeks after.

A couple of us were encouraging her to seek help, but she refused to even consider it. Not now, not tomorrow, not next year, not ever. Absolutely not. Not aggressive at all, but clearly decided. Why? Slowly and thoughtfully she said, “Porque he perdido la esperanza. He estado en todos los centros y sigo igual. Esto será mi vida hastaque me muera “Because I have lost hope. I’ve been to all the different [rehab] centres, and still I’m just the same. This is my life until I die”.

Have a few minutes to spare? Read a little more over atPeters Blog.


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  1. On the basis that we should do for others what we can, especially when we’d like to do something else altogether, I trust you at least offered her a bath/shower.

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