Debate Tuesday – Halloween or not to Halloween?

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Tomorrow, if you hadn’t already noticed, is October 31st. Generally also known as Halloween. There seems to be a few degrees of how Christians accept Halloween. Some people embrace it, possibly put on events like above, or go trick or treating.

Some people give out bible readings, and Christian branded bits and pieces.

Others dont answer the door.

What do you do?

Do you see any thing wrong with Halloween?

Do you or your church do anything over Halloween, or do you try and ignore it?

[Edit]Crimperman, and NinjaMonk have shared their views on Halloween.

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  1. We do nothing over Halloween, why would we? we’re not Pagans we’re Christians! I don’t have a problem with secularists wanting to go ‘trick or treating’ although I think it may be the only celebration that ‘takes’ rather than ‘gives’. We don’t answer the door.

    I do not like churches that organise alternative celebrations, I think it gives the impression to kids and families that they are missing out on something – have the balls to just not go with it if you don’t agree with it!

    However, I think many in our town were shocked when a seance for Primary children was offered for tomorrow night at the community centre!

    Praying it doesn’t go ahead!

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