Was your Church EPIC this morning?

Temple Church - Bristol

Temple Church - BristolDid you go to Church this morning?

Was it good? Would you even call it EPIC?

@garethjenkins82 has blogged on the church leaders who really really talk their church up on Twitter:

“…However, on a random scroll through my twitter feed this morning, I noticed no less than four church leaders/church workers inform me that their church meeting was going to be either “Off the scale” or “Off the charts” this week.

Now I’m all for promoting the work of the church, and promoting your church as a great place to be for all the right reasons. There are many Christian organisations I would gladly plug (Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, Compassion, XLP etc) But I do get a little narked with churches who declare that everything they do is EPIC and MUST NOT BE MISSED OR WE WILL COME FOR YOUR CAT! Or churches and church groups that try to #hashtag themselves. You know who you are…”

Read More, and join the discussion on Gareths blog.

  • Does your church / church leader have a Twitter account? How is it used?
  • How do you describe a decent church service? What makes for a decent church service anyway?
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  1. In answer to the these questions.

    A good church service? Firstly the minute you define the essential ingredients you’ll be starting a religious ceremony. So I’d rather not set out a pattern.

    Personally I want to be inspired by Jesus. I hope to be drawn to praise (not despair).

    Assuming they are available , open Bibles and a study of the word would be pretty useful.

    Come on, what do you think? Or are you sitting on the sofa?

  2. 🙂 I do make a few comments on Gareths blog but… I guess at the end of the day, when churches try and big themselves up by saying how cool, EPIC, or even “rockin” they are, they run the risk of two things.

    1. They can seem to take the credit for themselves not God.
    2. They can make other churches seem less important, or less on fire for God. How is that helpful for the guy trying his best to serve his small local church with everything he has?

    Gareth also makes a good comment about services going off the scale… Does that mean the scales are broken?

    Whilst I’m rambling. What happens when it goes wrong? Some technical error means theres no screen that week. Or all the cool guitarists are not available at the last moment? Does that mean God is involved less in a service because it “rocks” less, or feels a little less “EPIC”?

    In regards to the church service. Worship time. Bible study. Good company. But what those three ingredients look like vary on my mood each week!

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