“The Web is what you make of it”

For those who can’t watch the video for whatever reason, the video is an advert for Google, which tells the story of a Dad who sets up an email address for his newly born child, the Dad then starts emailing his daughter over the years. He writes standard emails as you might send to anyone, but they are sent to daughter, telling her of the great landmark moments, and the times that him and the Mum are worried for her.

They turn into emails that tell the story of a life, and I love it.

On one level this is a advert about email.

On another level this is about what you can do with email.

The tag line: “the web is what you make of it”, makes me wonder if we imagine enough online. If email could be used for the above, and Twitter can be used for events like The Natwivity, what else can be done to share stories online?

Are there any other web services / web sites that could be used differently?

Could we use Google Plus, Facebook, Google Drive, or even blogs differently?

What can be done to make more of the web?

(This originally appeared on The Big Bible Website)

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