The Place of Story in Church #CNMAC12

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, I pondered online what to do for a #digidisciple post. There was a suggestion that as prep for this years Christian New Media Conference, I should look at ‘story’…

I guess I don’t have a story to tell here, more a stream of consciousnesses…

So do we actually hear many stories in the church? I guess we tell Bible stories in church, but do we tell our stories? When I hear about stories being told in church, I think less of the Bible and I picture people giving their testimonies. The church I used to go along to made a big deal of people standing up and sharing their “testimony” (Normally the story of how they became a Christian), while the church I go along to now doesn’t seem to make a big deal out of people sharing their testimony, but maybe this is a Baptist / Anglican thing?

The thing about testimonies is that even though they are known for a telling of how you became a Christian, they are also known for telling of what God has done in your life recently. What if we don’t feel God is doing anything special right now? Is the church only excited about people sharing exciting stories of grace and lives being changed?

Do we only tell stories in Church that have a start and a finish point? Is life that neat and tidy?

We’ve looked at enough stats on the Big Bible to suggest we live in a world that now partly exists online.

The wonderful thing about today’s Twitter and Facebook influenced world, is that we all have a way of telling the story of our lives, which is what’s happening with personal stories being shared ranging from being jobless to expecting a new child. With people sharing their stories to a world that they hope is listening, I do wonder, what stories does the Church seem interested in? Is there enough space for the sharing of our personal stories? Is your church Twitter account used to advertise events and services, or is it also used to retweet news from other people? Is there encouragement within your church to meet up face to face? Does your church Facebook page get advertised in order for awareness of it to be increased?

I guess a quote from last years Christian New Media Conference could sum this all up.

Share your life online. Someone may be better off because of it.

  • What place do you think Storytelling has in church?
  • What are the best examples of personal story telling that you’ve found online?
  • How do we tell someone else’s story?

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