Simpsons Saturday*: The Guardian Loves Ned

Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders

Over the years The Church Sofa lads have had their fair share of debates, but one thing we’ve always agreed with was how legendary Ned Flanders from the Simpsons is.

So we’re obviously glad to see that Ned has made it into The Guardians list of top 10 supporting Simpsons characters, where they said this about great mustached one:

Homer’s neighbour is a wearingly devout evangelical Christian: “I’ve done everything the Bible says – even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!” Flanders is also a self-appointed watchdog of the “horror of free expression”. When Kent Brockman drops the F-bomb live on air, he takes to the internet: “I’m imploring people I’ve never met to pressure a government with better things to do to punish a man who meant no harm for something nobody even saw.” He attributes his youthful appearance at 60 to “the three C’s: clean living, chewing thoroughly and a daily dose of vitamin church.”

Read about the less important members of the top 10 list at The Guardian

*We call it Simpsons Saturday… Doesnt mean Simpsons things EVER happen on a Saturday…

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