No More Page 3.

logo_the_sunCarl Beech from CVMen has had a look at The Sun and Page 3 over at :

I suppose I’m a fairly typical guy. I love Top Gear, sport and action movies. I love extreme(ish) endurance challenges, prog rock (can’t believe I just admitted that) and nothing more than a banter-filled evening with my mates. I’m also madly and deeply in love with my wife of 19 years and I totally adore and love to bits my two daughters Emily and Annie who are 12 and very nearly 14.

I also have a sex drive. I’m a red- blooded male, so what do you expect? The fact we don’t talk about it much in churches doesn’t mean that we don’t have one. However, there’s a problem. The world outside the Church is highly sexually driven but they do talk about it…

You can read the strong case that Carl puts against Page 3 over at ThreadsUK.

Agree with what Carl is talking about? Then you can do far worse then checking out the petition for The Sun to remove bare boobs from page 3, which can be found at, theres also a twitter feed you can follow.

8 Replies to “No More Page 3.”

  1. Disagree entirely, and I tried to be gentle in my response on the aforementioned website! Read my response before throwing the first stone. Mind you the comment is currently awaiting moderation, so that might be difficult!

        1. I’m not sure, new comments uploaded today (but not mine). I thought I put a polite well reasoned argument for not trying to ban Page 3, starting out at how as a Christian I even struggle with Top Gear celebrity interviews (usually inappropriate talk about sex) and then ranging back to Rahab, and into the New Testament and the woman caught in the act. A petition to ban Page 3 is not going to halt the advance of the oldest industry in The Book! My line was that those Christians who worked with colleagues who “read” the paper could actively engage the readership one at a time and witness to them. Jesus worked with people one at a time, we should too – I won’t be signing this petition. Is it really about getting CVM publicity I wonder?

  2. Oh I see, but there are 4 more comments on the site now, mine appears to have been eidtted out because I have a different opinion. Looks like Carl isn’t up for debate, just positive PR.

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