Introducing… “God Baby”

godbaby_cries_763 have released their Christmas advert for this year, with the tag line:

“He cries. He wees. He saves the world.”

While I wonder about how effective billboards are, I do feel its original, eye-catching, and kinda funny.

What do you think? 

Do you like it, or does it seem to be trying too hard?

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  1. My first impresion is not favourable. I think it might have worked with a picture of a real baby but this advert could have been put together by Humanists to show the false hood of Christ. ie God is a manmade to to keep christians happy.

    • That was what the advert made me think. By the way I am nosome fuddy duddy who has a problem over the Christmas adds. I quite look forward to them. I just think this one might be open to misunderstanding and give the antis amo to throw at us.

  2. Yeah, it definitely does allow the atheists some more ammunition. What exactly would the point of a positive message with this design? I can’t think of any reason, other than a blatant attempt to cotton wool the actual reason we celebrate it – For the glory or Christ. Or rather, for the attack at the pagan holidays which did exist at the time, but have been forced out of existence, much due to the legislation and social pressures. Not to mention the Roman Empire, crusades (considering much of Christianities power comes from it’s catholic muscle.)

    It’s a fake holiday. It was invented to replace winter solstice holidays that existed around the time, and is now swept up by the increasingly secular masses as an excuse to spend money on one another, fueling the ever increasing consumerism that plagues us.

  3. The average unbeliever will not get the message. The trumpet is giving an uncertain sound.
    I could say worse using words like trendy, gimmicky, unworthy, demeaning etc… but I wont.
    Merry Pagan Festival !

  4. I personally feel this poster undermines God and is a little too disrespectful to the concept of a higher Authority who governs our lives.

  5. I was positively embarrassed when I saw this billboard at the side of the road. Rather than inspiring an unbeliever to come to church, this will only inspire him to laugh at us. It shows that we don’t take our faith seriously. it’s got to be the stupidest waste of Christian money I’ve seen in a long time.

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