Genesis. #Bible365

As we work through the Bible, we pause at the end of the each book, and ponder about what that was all about.

The big down side to this master plan is simply. Well.


The very first book.

The beginning, where it all started. Its not exactly like its chapter 1 of a novel, where we slowly meet and learn about the characters of the piece, and the big storylines are saved for later.

You get generations of family history, mixed with wars, cheating, slavery, temptation, politics, marriage, rape, death, and new life.


I guess we start with life. Possibly the purest life we could imagine. Sharing a garden with God.

Then Death.

The death of a guy who kept the faith even though he was tempted, abandoned, and arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Sure Genesis doesn’t end as well as it starts, but we still have the picture of a God that is involved with his creation. A God that is seen in the gritty day to day stuff of life, a God that puts Joseph where he needs to be to save a nation, a God that randomly turns up and wrestles. This makes me stop and wonder: Do we look for God enough in the day to day stuff, or are we to busy looking for huge miracles?

  • What are your big themes you find in Genesis?
  • Does anything in Genesis shock you?
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