Debate Tuesday: Angels. Do they sing?


Have you heard Angels sing?

If so: what did they sound like? How did you know they were angels?

(with h/t to @fragmentz )

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  1. Yes! I know that I did, but as I’ve never heard anyone else say this or even raise it as a discussion, I have not really shared it. Not because I doubt that it happened – but I have questioned why it should happen to me if it happens rarely.

    I was in a car, on the way back from a Christian Union retreat. We’d experienced some very negative spiritual attack, trying to detract from some amazing worship.

    Suddenly in the car, I felt almost like you do when you’re slipping into anasthaesia, and I heard the most amazing complex harmonies that sounded like tens or more of ‘voices’ singing in tongues.

    They didn’t sound human – I can only describe it like the high pitches of a church pipe organ. Each sang something different and all interleaving.

    You ask how I know it was the angels? How do any of us know when touched by God. We just do.

  2. The first time I ever went to a a Christian Youth meeting way back when I was subjected to a dire American film that featured Cliff Richard and the Maranatha singers. The music, the sound! Yuk. It was a thousand miles off my wave length, but every word seemed to be underlined with a supernatural truth. I was in total awe of what I was hearing. The Holy Spirit was telling me that every word was true, even though the “sound” was a million miles from Pink Floyd and all the artists I admired at the time. The experience was just beyond comprehension, and Ia m sure nobody else experience this work of the Spirit. If angels are actually God’s messengers then they certainly sang to me on that hot sunny afternoon.

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