Dear “Bob”.

Dear “Bob”.

First of all, I’m sorry for using the name Bob. I’m expecting to be VERY busy after you’re born, and because I’m typing this beforehand, I don’t want to accidentally announce your name to everyone else first before I get to introduce myself to you first.

I just want to explain, why you already have a website.

Quite simply. Before you were born, you were already loved by a lot of people. And a lot of these people will really enjoy watching you grow up. Now when some people can just go on Facebook, other people don’t have a Facebook account.

So I’ve set up a little website for you, it’s a little bit like a diary, so granny’s and Grandads and other people can see what you’ve been getting up.

Don’t worry. I’ll help you run it.

See you soon


PS. I almost forgot, your website can be found at
I hope you like it.

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  1. congratulations, exciting & frightening at the same time? I hope the tubes go soon, and that your new baby is comfortable. I can still remember the trauma of our first son’s birth like it was yesterday. To say Roz had a bad time would be a huge understatement.
    Just think at times like these God could hardly speak any louder. The miracle of new birth. Amazing.

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