#Bible365: A Look at Genesis 6


OneYearBibleBannerWhile reading through the Bible in a year passages this week, we’ve been reading Genesis chapter 6.

You know… the bit about Noah… boats… and the rain storm that wouldn’t quit?

Christianity Magazine asks if it really happened in quite the way sunday school probably suggested it did:

…But the idea of Noah’s flood covering the whole earth and all its mountains is much more difficult to envisage. How can six million land species be rescued in one boat? Or, if only a few thousand species were rescued, how have others evolved so fast since then? How did river and sea life survive in mixed salt and fresh water? How did land plants survive under water for a year? It wasn’t just seeds that survived because the dove found a full-grown olive tree! The account seems to pose some embarrassing questions.

But before we dismiss the story, let’s take a serious look at the actual text. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story beloved of children’s books of a world-wide flood and a rescue mission for every land species on the planet, but is the story told like that in the text itself?

The traditional version of the account isn’t necessarily wrong, but it isn’t necessarily right…

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