Debate Tuesday: The “Talky” Bit?

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Heres a little something for those that have ever been involved with youth clubs.

It seems to be a staple of evangelical church youth clubs that every evening features a “God Slot”… or whatever you want to call it. If you’re not sure what I mean, its the part of the youth club wheres theres normally some sort of Christian input, bible study, or short preach of some kind.

The thing is… What do you do if you have the sort of group that doesn’t want to listen? Do you shout “Shut up, and listen to me. God loves you!

Is having some sort of Christian input a useful expectation on youth group leaders?

Is having a “God Slot” each week helpful?

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  1. Bribe them with tuck either before the slot so they are munching quietly or after the slot so they listen with anticipation.

    Having a God slot is useful cos otherwise you’re just a youth group that happens to meet in a church building.

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