Debate Tuesday: Love or Judgement?

Tell young people about Judgement before you tell them about love

Well we’ve been doing a lot of clearing out recently around here; at one point I came across the above postcard, and to be honest… was kinda shocked. Thankfully it turned out to be publicity from last years Youthwork Summit inviting us to discuss the above statement.

Should we tell young people about judgement before love?
Does our attitude towards certain young people speak of judgement more then love?

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  1. It was a mix of both that brought me to Christ.

    Round 1 – A Thief in the Night – The Rapture and aftershock film – Judgement
    Round 2 – Christian friends wanting even someone as hopeless as me to be their friend – Love
    Round 3 – Fear of being “left behind” – judgement
    Round 4 – continued LOVE of Christian friends – Love

    we need both!

    The attitude question’s a good one. i’m a work in progress – slowly shedding my prejudices

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