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Do you struggle with the Bible?

Personally I do. Not because of any deep seated theologically based reason, but simply because I’m not the world’s biggest reader. Any regular visitor to The Church Sofa would probably guess that if I do read, I read shorter sharper snippets, rather then sitting down for longer articles.

I guess I approach reading books in a similar way; instead of sitting down somewhere and opening a book, I’m far more inclined to open the Kindle app on my iPhone while sat on the train, and read a chapter quickly before the train gets to my stop.

So if I struggle with the idea of reading any book, how do I read a book that some people consider large, long, and boring?

Enter YouVersion. Never heard of it? Well in the words of the Youversion.com :

“The Bible App™ is a free Bible for mobile devices. Based on the online Bible, YouVersion.com, the Bible App allows users to read the Bible, share verses with their social networks, bookmark their favorite passages, and more—all in a format that keeps up with their increasingly mobile lifestyle.”

On one level, its nice simple and very straightforward to use. If you want to use this on an iPhone / iPad, it really is a case of going to the app store, type in Bible, and its there with a picture of a Bible with “Holy Bible” written on the front of it. When you bear in mind that its free, its very hard to miss!

You can stop there, and use it as a Bible in your pocket. (possible to help you with #Bible365) Or you can take a bit of time and dive into some of the extra options on the app, or log into the Youversion.com website and find the ways that help turn this from a Bible app, into a tool to help you engage with the Bible. You can save notes and bookmarks, and share them with friends. The Live Events are also worth looking out for. What really makes this app stand out though are the Bible Reading Plans. These give the chance to read a number of structured Bible reading plans on either mobile, the website, or have the updates emailed to you, meaning that your time reading the Bible fits into your day as naturally as possible.

All that aside, what really sells this app to me is quite simply the alarm function.

Do you forget to read the Bible? Then this alarm can help you make Bible reading a habit.

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