7 Excuses For Not Going To Church

You think your eyes have opened.

You’re relieved to see you made it home.

The headache reminds you about that extra bottle of wine you opened.

You turn over and go back to sleep.

The next day you bump into a friend from Church. The caring friend asks after you, and asks why you weren’t at church…

Do you tell the truth, explain that the Saturday night involved a sinful amount of wine, and possibly some special vodka?

Or do you lie through your teeth?

So what are acceptable reason for being AWOL on a Sunday morning?

If you find yourself in a similar bind, hopefully you’ll find help from the following:

  1. Your elderly parents wished to visit, and didn’t believe it was Sunday.
  2. You were so caught up in your morning prayer you didnt know what time it was.
  3. Wife / kid was sick… Not because of wine
  4. Jesus told me not to
  5. You missed Match of The Day the night before (acceptability does vary depending on who you spoke to)
  6. You got distracted by brainstorming fund raising ideas for a local charity (How about Exeter YMCA?).
  7. You were on your way to church, and saw that someone had broken down. So you stopped and helped!

Remember… Sometimes it’s just best to be honest. (Especially if it’s your accountability partner)

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