Top tips for Worship Leaders

Recently I went to help lead a training day for the worship and service leaders of a local church, and I shared with them my top tips for worship leaders in the afternoon. I thought I’d share them here too.

  • Spend time with God – it’s not through busying ourselves but in spending time with God, enjoying Him and entering into his presence that will bring around breakthroughs in our lives and in our churches.
  • Practice – Whether you’re a musician or leading a service, you need to know the tools available to you and know how to use them well.
  • Practice spontaneity – you can’t be spontaneous if you don’t know how to or what to use to do it, leading on to
  • Learn things – songs, liturgy, where things are in the Bible, all the things that you might just need when God changes your plans.
  • Be free to experiment – try new things, introduce new songs, new arrangements, try to avoid getting stuck in a rut or just following the ‘music’
  • Research – find new things to use, I constantly have new CD’s etc. in the car, on my iPod, and new books to read. Or it could be rediscovering something you havent’t used for 10 years.
  • Know your team – spend time with your teams socially as well as preparing. If you know your team, communication becomes easier and you can focus more on God whilst leading worship.
  • It’s not about you – stay humble, the Holy Spirit is the real worship leader, we’re just following Him.

Anything you want to add to these?


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