The Church Sofa Guide To Church: The Sermon

What Is The Sermon.

Well, I think I know what it is…. If you’re not sure, according to wikipedia its:

A sermon is an oration by a prophet or member of the clergy. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within both past and present contexts. Elements of preaching include exposition, exhortation and practical application.
In Christianity, a sermon (also known as a homily within some churches) is often delivered in a place of worship, most of which have a pulpit or ambo, an elevated architectural feature. The word “sermon” comes from a Middle English word which was derived from an Old French term, which in turn came from the Latin word serm?; (“discourse”), although links have been made between the Latin word serere, which means ‘to join together’, so this leaves the modern Latin definition open to interpretation. The word can mean “conversation”, which could mean that early sermons were delivered in the form of question and answer, and that only later did it come to mean a monologue. In contrast to this are examples from the Bible, where sermons are speeches without interlocution: Moses’ sermon in Deuteronomy 1-33 [1]; Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5-7 [2]; Peter’s sermon after Pentecost in Acts 2:14-40 [3].
In modern language, the word “sermon” can also be used pejoratively in secular terms to describe a lengthy or tedious speech delivered with great passion, by any person, to an uninterested audience. A sermonette is a short sermon (usually associated with television broadcasting, as stations would present a sermonette before signing off for the night).

Well thats what it is… but what does a sermon look like?

  • I guess everyone has their own idea of what a sermon looks like. Sadly for some people it involves someone that looks a lot like Rev. Lovejoy standing at the front of the Church meeting talking about… stuff… while people sit there on their phones.
  • Other people may see it as a chance for some random dude to preach hate, or a political message.
  • For some it’s some kind of multimedia presentation…

Do you agree with the wikipedia definition?
What does a sermon look like to you?
What sort of content does it have?

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