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Science and Faith. Image Available from
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Science and Faith. Image Available from
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Welcome back to the Church Lounge. A place where The Church Sofa lads hang out, have a drink, and leave you guys to guest blog for us. If you’d like to guest blog for us, please check out our “Write For Us” page.

Opening the new series of guest blog posts, I’d like to introduce Sammy who’s going to share with us how science shares his faith:

Belief in a supreme being (God) and an open, critical, scientific
bearing have long been viewed as diametrically opposed to each other.
History and the times we currently live in is littered with examples
of the clash of science and religious belief. From the death of
Galileo to the hugely popular works of Richard Dawkins, the two have
been ideologically opposed to the other.

I have spent a lot of my life in deep reverence of God And I have also
spent it searching for scientific evidence of many, many things. From
school, when I read Newton’s Principles where he ended with the most
inspiring signoff I have ever encountered, and a quote that still
adorns the largest wall in my lab “To me there has never been a
higher source of earthly honor or distinction than that connected with
advances in science”.

In the years that followed I went to University to study physics and
Newton, Galileo, Pascal and Babbage, each wonderful scientists and
thinkers, and all bound together by their deep sense of Christian

As I delved further into the mysteries of the universe, I found myself
turning to my faith to help me get through the moments when despite my
best efforts, the answers just wouldn’t come. Nights were spent
slaving away in the lab, a prayer on my lips and a fervent desire to
get to the bottom of the issue. The day’s punctuated with intense
discussions and deliberations with colleagues, many of whom sneered at
my beliefs.

Over the years, my single minded pursuit of God and evidence in
science led to many of my erstwhole doubters to understand that I
searched for proof with the same fervent belief I hold in God. And
that’s because I truly believe that without His will, nothing could
be, and without His permission I couldn’t have bloomed into the
scientist I am today. God wishes for me to search, inquire, be curious
and find answers to our problems.

And then, recently, a discovery in the world of science has led to
exultation. The discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle that is said to
be solely responsible for the creation of the universe, the moment
popular culture calls, ‘The Big Bang’.

While skeptics offer it is proof of there being no God and design, I
beg to differ. God has never been a shape, a particular way or type.
God is a way of life, a purpose of design a way to live. It is up to
us to discover the mysteries He left open for us to learn, not to be
used to negate him. To quote biologist Jeremy Griffith “Here on
Earth, atoms became ordered or integrated to form molecules -> which
in turn integrated to form compounds -> virus-like organisms…[etc
etc]… Overall, what is happening on Earth is that matter is becoming
ordered into larger wholes. So the theme or purpose or meaning of
existence is the ordering or integration…—put simply, selfishness
is divisive or disintegrative while selflessness is integrative…
It’s the glue that holds the world together and what we really mean
by the term ‘love’…Colossians 3:14 perfectly summarises the
integrative significance of love: ‘And over all these virtues put on
love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.’”

I may be a scientist, but I have never, and I doubt I ever will, find
discrepancy between God and Science. And nor can most people unless, I
believe they follow an insidious agenda meant soely to undermine
faith, belief and universal truths.

Agree? Disagree?

Anything you’d add to the above?

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