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It looks like someone came to visit the sofa after doing a search for: “god please find me a church in exeter uk”. Well… If you come back, here are some Exeter based Church websites to possibly help you find a Church in Exeter.  (As well as links to other things that may at least make you smile)

Hope there’s something here useful?

Please leave a comment below if you’ve found the above useful, or if you’d would like to share your Exeter Church website – please leave the website address below.

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  1. If you’d like a particular churches website to be included please feel to include the web address in your comment!

    • Hi Duncan,

      “Any reason Isca church is not on this list?”

      No not at all! As I’m sure you could tell from the above comments, there were a few churches I didn’t think of including in the original list. (I even left my own parents church of the list!)

      The list was originally set up because someone had found the sofa using the search term: ““god please find me a church in exeter uk”. I typed the list up late at night (just like a lot of the stuff here), in an attempt to try and provide something helpful in case the person came back.

      Isca has now been included, and sorry for the oversight!


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