Debate Tuesday – Whens Your Start Time?

Dear Vicar of St Trinity The Highest,

I would like to apologise for my absence during the first part of Church last Sunday morning. After the service, I had a conversation with the Church secretary, and it seems no one made the point of telling me that the morning service has changed its start time from 11 to 10:30.

I am sorry that this was the case.

I have to admit, the time change has messed me around a little. I won’t have enough time in the morning now to watch all of Songs of Highest Praise on the interweb thing.

Why did you change the service start time anyway? Don’t you realise it’s not important?

Mrs S

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  1. 10:30 is the start time of the main service at church i currently am involved in.
    They have an 8am one too.

    never been to a church that does not start at 10:30 actually.

    when I used to work for a group of churches, one of the group used to have a service at 9 (never made it), but they also had a 10:30 one.

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