Debate Tuesday: How Should A Church Service Be Ordered?

Dear Vicar of St Trinity The Highest.

I’m not sure if we’ve ever met, but I have been coming to your church faithfully for the last 26.5 years, I’m the one in red sat on the back row on the left hand side. Well there was one that one time when the youth came in – and I couldn’t sit near them, but never mind, my point of writing is very simple.

In all my 26 and a half years I’ve taken a lot of peace in knowing that a service would look like the following:

  • Welcome by the worship leader
  • Notices
  • Song.
  • Talk for the little children. (I love you’ve always done this. After all, doesn’t the bible say we need to welcome the little children?)
  • Song – With the children leaving during the second chorus.
  • Bible Reading
  • Song 
  • Song
  • 10 minute talk
  • Song
  • Prayers
  • Song
That is the exact way that the service has been for the last 26.5 years, and to say that I’m upset that you had an extra song and bible reading the other week is, well, putting it mildly. The next thing I know you’ll be doing a talk for 20 instead of ten minutes.

I look forward to future services being as expected.

Thanks for your time

Mrs S

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