Debate Tuesday. Flowers or No Flowers in Church?

Dear Madam Church Secretary,

Sorry I wasn’t able to have a chance to touch base with you after the service today, sadly I was busy making sure the coffee was quite right.

On the subject of the service – it was good wasn’t it? Sadly the flower arrangement seemed a little big. That fact that I could never do anything like is beyond the point, but the Decorations were simply to big. I’m worried about Gerald the Vicar. The Decorations seems almighty close to his face when he kneels. I’m worried that one day (possibly after communion) he’ll lean forward that little bit too much, and poke his eye out, mid service.

Please have a world with Mrs Evergreen, I’d hate for an accident to happen. I’m sure all the other flower ladies will be happy to see her arrangements be calmer and safer.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs S



Waste of time, or a great use of peoples gifts?

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  1. I’m all for flowers in church; it’s a fantastic use of the gifts some members of the congregation have, and a great way for people to mark special occasions. It brightens the place up on dreary winter nights, and can add to celebrations of the big church events, especially, at least in our church, Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

    Would be nice if people used less lilies though. Quite a number of our music and technical team are allergic to them and the smell can be quite overpowering at 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning…

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